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Questions on AuthenticatedData

2001-10-07 17:56:56

I have just started an implemenation for AutenticatedData and have the
following questions:

1.  Should we specify a suggested size for the randomly generated secret
to be used for HMAC-SHA1?  (The size for HMAC-3DES is fixed at the size
of a 3DES key.)

2.  What key wrap algorithm should I use for wrapping the secret for an
HMAC-SHA1 secret?  I can see myself generating a 512 bit secret for the
MAC operation, now I need to wrap it in a 3DES, RC2 or AES key.  What is
the proper way of doing this?

3.  Does the answer for 2 imply that we want the lengths for 1 to be the
length of a defined content encrytion algorithm key?


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