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Re: rfc2633bis and multipart/encrypted

2002-05-03 07:15:49

Marc Mutz <mutz(_at_)kde(_dot_)org> quotes:

While we are on the topic of MIME and encryption -- does anyone know
the history behind S/MIME not using multipart/encrypted of RFC 1847
for encrypted data?

Politics AFAIK.  The encryption stuff in RFC 1847 was part of the MOSS
worldview, and MOSS != S/MIME.  At the time, RSADSI and the RSA patent were a
bigger hammer, so S/MIME won.

(Having said that, multipart/encrypted is pretty clunky (signed data is a
 different issue).  OTOH given the perpetual-motion-machine nature of debates
 over this in 1995-1996, it's arguable that any decision would have been
 regarded as bad by some subset of people).


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