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RE: Are certificates _required_ by the sender?

2002-05-08 09:10:57

Interesting you should ask this right now.  I don't believe that there is
any S/MIME requirement that says that the sender needs a cert.  That said,
however, MS Outlook DOES require that you have a cert before it will let you
encrypt a message on someone else's cert that you've received.  Does anyone
know why this is?


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Subject: Are certificates _required_ by the sender?

Is the sender of an email required to have a certificate, or is it
sufficient for the sender to have a copy of the certificate of the
recipient? I am thinking of an automated system, where one party will always
be the sender, and never receive emails. In addition, no signatures are
required. Thus nobody will ever actually need the public key for the
automated system. However, I?m uncertain if the sender can send S/MIME
messages without having a certificate of it's own.

Thanks for your time
-Terry Tollisen

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