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S/MIME WG Agenda for Yokohama

2002-06-24 08:43:13

Here is the agenda that I have put together. Please let me know if corrections are needed. In some cases, individuals listed will not be able to attend, but they will provide slides for someone else to present.


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          S/MIME Mail Security WG Agenda

Introductions                           Russ Housley
Working Group Status                    Russ Housley
CMSbis Status                   Russ Housley
MSGbis Update                   Blake Ramsdell
CERTbis Update                  Blake Ramsdell
X400wrap & X400transport Update     Chris Bonatti
CMS and ESS Examples Update     Paul Hoffman
Interoperability Matrix Update          Jim Schaad
AES Update                              Jim Schaad
RSA-OAEP Update                         Russ Housley
Wrap up                         Russ Housley

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