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ASN.1 Usage In S/MIME

2002-09-28 15:42:58
My company is evaluating a number of options for deployment of AS2 in our 
product.  In one of our evaluation meetings, it was said that care must be 
taken when choosing the correct S/MIME toolkit because of the dependence that 
S/MIME has on ASN.1 and the complications that introduces.

I can accept that certificates and related cryptographic materials are DER or 
BER encoded but I would expect that to be done by a cryptographic toolkit from 
RSA, Baltimore Technologies, Certicom, etc.   I would not expect this to be 
value added by an S/MIME toolkit.

Beyond the PKCS standards, where does S/MIME utilize ASN.1?

Specific to AS2, are there other parts of that spec that call for ASN.1?

Thank you;  Phil Smiley
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