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RE: encryptCerts

2002-10-18 15:38:57

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Subject: encryptCerts

I found the following OID in a SignedData SignedAttribute: 
1.2.840.113549., which appears to be the OID for 
as I could see in
My problem is I could not find any RFC/draft, or anything 
reference to this 
attribute, neither in the standards the working group 
manages, nor in PKCS 
As 1.2.840.113549.1.9.16 stands for S/MIME, and, I suppose, the .2.13 
suffix will not be the only one I can't find, can anyone help 
me to find a 
description for the encryptCerts field, its meaning, and, if 
possible, some 
ideas for finding the other S/MIME extensions I could not 
find through 

That's a good point.  I just took a quick look at ESS, MSG and CERT and
didn't see it in any obvious way.  I think the intent was to communicate
a hint for encrypting certificate in a signed attribute.

Should this go in -MSG?  I'm making a note of it and will research it


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