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Comments on draft-ietf-smime-rfc2633bis-02.txt

2002-11-20 12:25:22

1.  Section 3.6, para 1:  I don't' think it is correct to say that
compression "secures" anything.

2.  Section 36, para Last:  This text needs to be expanded beyond what
is there.  Minimum text should address:
        1.  don't compress a binary encryption.  (compressing a base64
of an encryption would yield benefits.)
        2.  Compress before sign if using a lossy algorithm.

        I might think of other things with some more thought.

3.  ASN.1 Module:  Need to get a new module ID from Russ before
continuing into last call.

4.  Need to finish TBDs before progressing into last call.

5.  I think we should define SMIMECapaiblity2 in this draft to deal with
the question of different combinations that are/are-not allowed for a
given set of transport/agreement/content encryptoin algorithms.  If this
is agreed to I will attempt to write some text in the next couple of


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