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Re: WG Last Call: draft-ietf-smime-rfc2633bis-03.txt

2003-02-04 21:59:10

I have a few comments on draft-ietf-smime-rfc2633bis-03.txt. My comments are divided into technical and editorial. In my opinion, the technical comments ought to be resolved before the document is forwarded to the IESG.


Section 1.1, 4th paragraph. Change "... an S/MIME agent has to follow ..." to "... an S/MIME agent MUST follow ... ." I realize that this MUST statement will appear before section 1.2, but I do not see any other MUST statements that capture this point. Alternatively, insert an appropriate MUST statement elsewhere in the document.

Section 2.4. CompressedData needs to be added to the list of content types that are supported. Also, section 2.4.4 should be added to discuss the content type.

Section 2.5, 2nd paragraph. CMS requires the inclusion of the contentType and messageDigest signed attributes if any other signed attributes are present. We should include these in the bulleted list.

Section 2.5, last paragraph. How do mail list agents fit into this requirement to "display those attributes to the user?" Such devices certainly do not have a user interface, but they must include mlExpansionHistory.

Section 2.5.2, 6th paragraph. Please reword: "The OIDs used with S/MIME are assigned in several different RFCs; however, all OIDs associated with the MUST and SHOULD implement algorithms are included in Appendix A of this document."

Section, micalg table. Please add SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 to avoid the need for future updates. A reference to FIPS 180-2 will be needed.

Section 3.8, last paragraph. Please reword as follows: "S/MIME v2 [SMIMEV2] specified a method for "registering" public keys with certificate authorities using an application/pkcs10 body part. Since that time, the IETF PKIX Working Group has developed other methods for requesting certificates. However, S/MIME v3.1 does not require a particular certificate request mechanism."


General. Please change "CMS objects" to "CMS content types" throughout the specification.

Section 1.1, 2nd paragraph. Remove the extra space from "application/pkcs7- mime."

Section 1.3. Please add references for X.208, X.209, and X.509, including the date of the version that is being referenced. I suspect that the same ones that are used in [CMS] should be referenced.

Section 2.5. Please reword the 3rd paragraph, as follows: "Further, receiving agents SHOULD be able to handle zero or one instance in the signingCertificate signed attribute, as defined in section 5 of [ESS]."

Section 2.5.2, 3rd paragraph.  Change "OIDs" to "object identifiers (OIDs)."

Section 2.6. This paragraph should talk about S/MIME v3.1 as well as S/MIME v3.

Section Change the first part of the first sentence to: "If the following three conditions are met:"

Section Change the first part of the first sentence to: "If the following two conditions are met:"

Section 3, 1st paragraph. Please change "CMS objects" to "CMS content types." This is used several places.

Section 3.1, 1st paragraph. Add a forward pointer to the processing that is used when RFC 822 headers need protection.

Section 3.1.3, 1st paragraph. The word "EVER" does not have a reserved meaning in RFC 2119. Please change it to lower case.

Section 3.2, 1st paragraph. Remove the extra space from "application/pkcs7- mime type."

Section 3.2.2, 1st paragraph.  Remove the extra space from "smime- types."

Section 3.2,2, 3rd paragraph.  Remove the extra space from "encrypted- *."

Section 3.6, 1st paragraph. Please reword as: "The signed-only, encrypted-only, and compressed-only MIME formats can be nested. This works because these formats are all MIME entities that encapsulate other MIME entities."

Section 3.9, 1st paragraph, last sentence. Please reword as follows: "A message is considered an S/MIME message if it matches any of the criteria listed below."


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