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Re: signatureAlgorithm in PKCS#7/RFC 2630/RFC 3369/70

2003-02-20 16:16:37


PKCS#7 only supported the RSA algorithm, and it used field names that represent this situation. signatureAlgorithm is the new name, indicating support for any digital signature algorithm. The digestEncryptionAlgorithm is the old name, indicating the RSA operation that is performed to generate a digital signature with that algorithm.


Now my questions:

(2) How should I handle a CMS (2630/3369) signature where the value of
    the digestAlgorithm does not match the 'included' digestAlgorithm in
    the signatureAlgorithm field. (e.g. having a RIPEMD160 digestAlgo
    OID at the digestInfo field and a Sha1WithDSA OID in the signature-
    algorithm field).

I think that the digestAlgorithm must be consistent with the one used in the signature.

(3) When a component claims that it can produce valid RFC 2630
    signatures, is the usage of the 'old' RSA OID 1.2.840.113549.1.1.1
    the only exception from the rule? Is the usage of the 'other'
    RSA signature OIDs (sha1WithRSAEncryption) really forbidden in 2630?

Be flexible in receive processing, but strict on send processing. That said, if you need interoperability with some PKCS#7 implementations, you may need to send it the only way that they know how to accept it.


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