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RE: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-sip-smime-aes-00.txt

2003-03-10 16:29:46


CMS no longer includes any mandatory to implement algorithms. This was done so that each application could assign the best algorithms for their environment.

For S/MIME version 3.1, the mandatory to implement encryption algorithm is Triple-DES. I do not expect this to change. However, there has been discussion about making AES a SHOULD implement algorithm. The "Use of AES with CMS" specification is finally nearly finished. This is intended to send a message to implementors that AES will probably become a MUST implement algorithm in the future. At that time, AES would become MUST and Triple-DES would become SHOULD (to preserve interoperability with old algorithms).


At 06:50 PM 3/4/2003 -0500, Peterson, Jon wrote:

I'm glad that the draft is some of interest to this WG, since we could
probably use some advice from the S/MIME experts on our direction.

This document proposes to profile S/MIME for SIP, specifically by exchanging
the mandatory Triple-DES encryption algorithm requirement for AES. Some of
the reasons why AES would be a better fit for SIP are given in the draft.
There is, however, some concern that this might lead to non-interoperability
with standard S/MIME stacks, and so on.

I see that rfc2633bis 2.7 makes Triple-DES mandatory. Is it likely that
S/MIME down the road will require AES? Does the proposal in this draft seem
like a wrong-headed profile to this WG?

Jon Peterson
NeuStar, Inc.

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> >     Title           : S/MIME AES Requirement for SIP
> >     Author(s)       : J. Peterson
> >     Filename        : draft-ietf-sip-smime-aes-00.txt
> >     Pages           : 6
> >     Date            : 2003-2-26
> >
> >RFC3261 currently specifies 3DES as the required minimum ciphersuite
> >for implementations of S/MIME in SIP.  This document updates the
> >normative guidance of RFC3261 to require the Advanced Encryption
> >Standard (AES) for S/MIME.
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