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Anyone want to be the S/MIME Jabber Scribe?

2003-03-11 12:28:49


At the last meeting, Al Arsenault agreed to be the Jabber scribe for the S/MIME session. Al cannot make the meeting in San Francisco. If we are going to participate in this activity, we need a scribe. Any volunteers?



        Remote Access for the 56th IETF meeting in San Francisco:
                             Text Conferencing

At each IETF meeting, two of the working group meeting rooms are equipped
for video multicast and remote participation.  That is, for every IETF
meeting slot, two of the working groups can see and hear the
meeting. For the 55th IETF, in *addition* to the usual network A/V, text
conferencing will be provided for every working group that meets.

All of the conference rooms will be hosted on

and each is named using the official IETF abbreviation found in the
agenda (e.g., "apparea",  "dhc", "forces", and so on -- for all the
examples that follow, we'll use "foobar" as the abbreviation).

Each conference room also has a 'bot which records everything that gets
sent. So, the minute taker can review this information right after the

1. Before the meeting:

1.1. If you want to participate

If you don't already have one, get yourself a Jabber client, here are some

    platform    suggestion
    --------    ----------

When you start the client for the first time, it will eventually ask if
you want to register on a public server. Go ahead and do

If you want to find out more, instead of choosing these defaults, here
are pointers to some additional information:

    list of clients:
        server list:

To make sure everything is running ok, do a "Join Group Chat" with your
Jabber client:

    Group/Room: plenary

This conference room is up and running right now (although probably no
one will be in it when you connect).

1.2. What the Chair does

If you want to make text conferencing available, you'll need to have a
volunteer scribe in the meeting room. The scribe will be typing in a
running commentary as to what's going on in the room (who's presenting,
what question is being asked, etc.)

So, why not send an email out on the mailing list now, before the
meeting, to ask for volunteers?

2. At the meeting

2.1. What the Chair does

When a session starts, the chair asks if someone in the room is willing
to act as "scribe". If no one volunteers, read no further, we're done!

Otherwise, the scribe should do a "Join Group Chat" with their Jabber
client, e.g.,

    Group/Room: foobar

2.2. What the Scribe does

The scribe types in a running commentary as to what's going on in the
room. For example, if a speaker makes a presentation, the scribe types
in the URL for the presentation (more on this in a bit).

Simlarly, during question time, a remote participant can type a question
into the room and the scribe can pass it on to the speaker.

2.3. What each Presenter does

Each presenter should put a copy of their presentation on a web server
somewhere, so remote participants can follow along.

2.4. Where to find the conference log

NOTE: the logging facility will not be active until later this week...

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