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Re: Queries on Message/rfc822, Compressed-Data.

2003-03-26 13:03:26
These are both discussed in the most recent MSG draft.
Please see draft-ietf-smime-rfc2633bis-03.txt.


At 03:40 PM 3/26/2003 +0530, Pandey, Arun wrote:


I had the following 2 queries. Would appreciate a response on these if possible:

1. Going  through the S/MIME mail archive I find a discussion on the use of message types like
    message/rfc822, message/partial etc. that could be used to wrap a protected message (MIME
    content + RFC822 Headers). Also as per MOM of the 54th IETF meeting it seems that
    message/rfc822 message type has been finalized for this purpose.

    My question is how should one distinguish such a message ( A protected message wrapped
    in message/rfc822) from a forwarded message which also has a message type of
    message/rfc822 and can also contain a non protected message? Is an example message of
    type message/rfc822 containing a protected message available for reference?

2. The latest draft 'S/MIME Version 3.1 Message Specification' (draft-ietf-smime-rfc2633bis-03.txt)
    mentions a new S/MIME type "compressed-data". However for this new S/MIME type no
    corresponding EIT has been defined in the S/MIME TRANSPORT draft. Where would one be
    able to find the corresponding EIT for the same?

Best Regards
Arun Pandey
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