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Standards for Web-signing II

2003-10-28 06:49:54

The answer to my earlier request seems to be:

There are apparently no standards and nothing in the works either
with respect to signing on-line data on the web using Internet browsers.

Since web-signing is today [*] used by many, many, more people
and organizations than there are users of signed e-email, I remain puzzled.

Is the PKI community really just a bunch of "nerds", mostly
out of touch with the needs of the market?  The question is open.

*] Like Scandinavian banks having > 0.5M of users.
All current systems rely on entirely proprietary mechanisms.
Most of the vendors even require NDAs for getting the documentation.

Anders Rundgren

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Subject: [pki-tc] Standards for Web-signing

I just wanted to know the status of possible standardization
efforts regarding signing on-line forms etc. on web.  As web-signing
is a core function of many e-governments when communicating
with their citizens it seems that this should be standardized if
not already is.

Pointers are welcome.  Off-list or on-list.

Anders Rundgren

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