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RE: WG LAST CALL: draft-ietf-smime-pss-02.txt

2003-12-10 07:59:18

Dear Blake,

The draft looks good except for one paragraph:

   The same one-way hash function SHOULD be used for computing the 
   message digest on the signedAttributes and as the hashAlgorithm in 
   the RSA-PSS-params structure. 

I think the paragraph should say "MUST".

The id-RSASSA-PSS OID is for the full process of signing a message,
including hashing, padding, and the RSA primitive.

The RSASSA-PSS-params structure specifies the hash function that is employed
during hashing and padding. The same hash function is employed in both
steps. So, the hash function in the RSASSA-PSS-params structure MUST be the
same as the message digest algorithm applied to the signedAttributes values.

(If the signedAttributes are omitted, and the eContent value is signed
directly, then the message digest algorithm that is applied to the eContent
value likewise MUST be the same as the hash function in the
RSASSA-PSS-params structure. I'm not sure if the eContent-only mode is still
supported in CMS, though.)

id-RSASSA-PSS-params is similar to id-dsa-with-sha1 in that it specifies the
full process of signing a message. It is different than rsaEncryption, whcih
only includes padding and the RSA primitive, not hashing. This is why it
constrains the message digest algorithm, while rsaEncryption doesn't.

(Note that the padding step also involves a mask generation function, which
may be based on a hash function. The above discussion doesn't apply to that
hash function; it may or may not be the same as the hash function applied to
the message.)

-- Burt

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        Title           : Use of the PSS Signature Algorithm in CMS
        Author(s)       : J. Schaad
        Filename        : draft-ietf-smime-pss-02.txt
        Pages           : 5
        Date            : 2003-12-2

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      other minor changes, be considered by the IESG
      for publication as a Standard Track RFC
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   2) requiring that outstanding issues be adequately
      addressed prior to further action (including,
      possibly, another WG Last Call).

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