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SubjectAltName & email address

2004-03-04 02:38:34
I still have a theorical problem about the email address in the certificate: 
S/MIME is not reserved to email messages. In particular, it is already used in 
AS.2 (HTTP) from ediint working group. And as an extension, it may be used in 
anything based on MIME. It seems that the current version of the "S/MIME 
Version 3.1 Certificate Handling" draft allows the use of S/MIME without email 
addresses. But is it really so extreme to use S/MIME in other MIME based 
protocols than SMTP and POP3 that it deserves no comment at all (the question 
is open, it is not ironic at all) ?
By the way, has anyone been in contact with the ediint working group when they 
created their AS.2 and AS.3 (FTP) drafts?

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