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RE: To Meet or Not

2004-11-08 09:20:32

I concur that there is an error in the document.  My guess is that it was a
cut and paste error as my code produces the correct values, but I tended to
cut the entire blob in and then broke it apart.  Russ and I will get an
errata posted on this issue.


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I just reran my test code from the development of this RFC, 
and you are correct.

I do not remember if we used my code or Jim's code to 
generate the test vector data for the RFC, but the PAD value 
is incorrect in the RFC.

3DES KEK     :
   KEK Key 1  :  5840df6e 29b02af1
   KEK Key 2  :  ab493b70 5bf16ea1
   KEK Key 3  :  ae8338f4 dcc176a8

Length (L)   :  14

KEY          :  c37b7e64 92584340
              :  bed12207 80894115
              :  5068f738

PAD          :  be62fe

ICV          :  1f363a31 cdaa9037

LKEYPADICV   :  14c37b7e 64925843
              :  40bed122 07808941
              :  155068f7 38be62fe
              :  1f363a31 cdaa9037

IV           :  050d8c79 e0d56b75

TEMP1        :  157a8210 f432836b
              :  a618b096 475c864b
              :  6612969c dfa445b1
              :  5646bd00 500b2cc1

TEMP2        :  050d8c79 e0d56b75
              :  157a8210 f432836b
              :  a618b096 475c864b
              :  6612969c dfa445b1
              :  5646bd00 500b2cc1

TEMP3        :  c12c0b50 00bd4656
              :  b145a4df 9c961266
              :  4b865c47 96b018a6
              :  6b8332f4 10827a15
              :  756bd5e0 798c0d05

Wrapped Key  :  0f1d715d 75a0aaf6
              :  6f02e371 c08b79e2
              :  a1253dc4 3040136b
              :  dc161118 601f2863
              :  e2929b3b dd17697c

At 11:14 AM 10/14/2004, Dieter Bratko wrote:


there seems to be a typo in the HMACwith3DESwrap test vector 
3.4) of RFC 3537. The PAD value is given as 38be62; but should be 
be62fe (see LKEYPADICV)?

Dieter Bratko

Dieter Bratko, mailto:Dieter(_dot_)Bratko(_at_)iaik(_dot_)at SIC - Stiftung 
Information and Communication Technologies IAIK, 
Inffeldgasse 16a, 8010 
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