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RE: Change request for CMS

2005-02-20 16:18:41


I have been thinking about this, and I do not think that this is the only place where this situation comes into play. The other place that I found is in EncryptedData. An identifier of the key needed for decryption would be helpful.

So far, I have not heard from anyone except you about this idea. I do not want to work on it unless there is a constituency that agrees it ought to be done.


At 04:15 PM 1/27/2005, Jim Schaad wrote:

Yes I am just trying to name the password, I suppose that all I need for
such an identifier is really a UTF8String.  I was just trying to re-use what
was already there.

An update for this would be fine for me.


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> Jim:
> I can see how this helps enrollment.
> Aren't you trying to name the password?  Assuming the
> password is one to one and onto with the KEK, the identifier
> actually names both.
> For a change of this size, I think that an update to the
> document (as opposed to the whole document) is appropriate.
> Russ
> At 03:23 PM 1/26/2005, Jim Schaad wrote:
> >Russ,
> >
> >Sometimes I wonder if this will ever end - the endless updates to
> >documents as we find things that seem to be lacking.  Oh well.....
> >
> >
> >I find myself wanting to identify a key using the password recipient
> >info type in an enveloped data structure.  Specifcally I am
> sending a
> >enveloped data structure between a server and a client
> system.  They do
> >not yet have certificates setup so that there is no way to
> use a public/private key pair.
> >They however do have an identifier/passphase setup between them.  It
> >would be convient if one could place the identifier in the
> >PasswordRecipientInfo structure so that all of the data is together
> >rather than looking in many different places for the
> infomration needed.
> >
> >
> >I would like to change the structure to
> >
> >PasswordRecipientInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
> >   version CMSVersion -- {v0, v1}
> >   kekid   [1] KEKIdentifier OPTIONAL, -- if present version = 1
> >   keyDerivationAlgorithm [0]
> KeyyDerivationAlgorithmIdentifier OPTIONAL,
> >   keyEncryptionAlgorithm  KeyEncryptionAlgorithmIdentifier,
> >   encryptedKey EncryptedKey
> >}
> >
> >
> >Jim

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