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ASN.1 Compilers

2005-06-16 07:46:21

Dear PKIX and S/MIME WGs:

Jim Schaad has pointed me to a freeware ASN.1 compiler that claims support for the full range of ASN.1 syntaxes. From the web page, which is :

The asn1c is an open source, free ASN.1 to C compiler. It supports a wide range of ASN.1 syntaxes, including ISO/IEC/ITU ASN.1 1988, '94, '97, 2002 and later amendments. The
   basic supported syntax is ITU-T Rec. X.690 | ISO/IEC 8825-1 (2002).

One of the big impediments from moving away from the 1988 syntax has been tools. Does anyone have experience with this tool? Does it live up to this claim?


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