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RE: CMS Advanced Electronic Signatures (CAdES)

2005-08-01 08:58:54

I'm still waiting to hear if there is anybody in the WG that is going to
review this draft?


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The question at hand is someone in the working group willing 
to review this ID?


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Subject: CMS Advanced Electronic Signatures (CAdES)

To the S-MIME list,

Copy: the PKIX list.

RFC 3126 has been issued in September 2001 and its title is:

"Electronic Signature Format for long term electronic signatures"

The contents of this Informational RFC is technically 
equivalent to ETSI TS
101 733 V.1.2.2.

In the mean time, ETSI TC ESI has revised this Technical 
Standard (TS) and is going to publish a new version of it 
with a new title :

CMS Advanced Electronic Signatures (CAdES), in order to be 
the "brother" of XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES), 
published as ETSI TS 101 903.

In order to make this document widely available, ETSI has 
produced an equivalent of the revised TS using the format of a RFC.

This document is temporarily available (by a kind hosting 
from Paul Offman)


until is is officially posted in the IETF repository.

The major changes are mentioned section  J :

   "The title of the document has changed to be aligned with the title
   of XAdES, the vocabulary used within the present document has been
   aligned with the vocabulary used in XAdES,

   In the previous version of TS 101 733 (i.e. version 1.5.1)
   sigPolicyHash was mandatory.  Implementations requiring to be
   backward compatible with version 1.5.1 and previous versions
   of the current document MUST include SigPolicyHash.

   The OIDs from the ASN.1 modules have changed for the following

    - the OIDs of the ASN.1 modules of RFC 2560 and RFC 3161 have been

    - since RFC 2459 and RFC 3369 has been obsoleted by RFC 3280 and
      RFC 3852 respectively, there was the need to refer to the OIDs
      of the ASN.1 modules of RFC 3280 and RFC 3852, instead of the
      OIDs of the ASN.1 modules of RFC 2459 and RFC 3369.

    - the other change is related to the field sigPolicyHash from
      SignaturePolicyId (see clause 5.8.1). That field was mandatory
      and is now optional."
It is proposed to progress this document within the S-MIME WG 
as an Informational Standard.


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