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Re: Proposal for DigestInfo as UnprotectedAttribute in CMS EnvelopedData

2005-09-18 04:32:14

On Sep 18, 2005, at 2:43 AM, Alicia da Conceicao wrote:
What OID should I assign this DigestInfo attribute? Although I could use a custom OID from my corporate tree (, it would be best to use any existing standard. In fact, if no existing standard exists, then
it should be offically published by this IEFT-SMIME group.

I think we need to get some buy-in from the working group to determine if we want to undertake this. One way to start is to submit an individual submission with your proposal, and then see if you can get traction for it. The worst case is that it's an individual submission and you've contributed your work, but not in the working group (which isn't that bad). I think that this is a perfectly reasonable thing to discuss on the list, however, since it's an add- on for CMS.

I am only aware of the message-digest attribute in section 11.2 of RFC 3852, which does not include any information about the algorithm used (just the digest value).

For signed and encrypted data that is completely detached from a CMS
structure, which is useful for large or streamed data, one can do the
following... Place a SignedData structure with **DETACHED DATA** inside the encryptedContent of a CMS EnvelopedData structure, then **ENCRYPT THE
encryptedContent**.  Adding the UnprotectedAttribute DigestInfo would
also be essential, although this time the hash should be of the external
encrypted data and not the internal encryptedContent.

I don't understand -- why not just produce a normal Enveloped data and then detach the entire encryptedContent (which is basically an encrypted SignedData)?

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