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Re: flexibility of the ESSCertID field

2005-11-09 11:49:29
Russ Housley wrote:


Thanks for correcting my syntax. I should have used "id-sha1-identifier" as the default, which is already defined for RSA-PSS and RSA-OAEP.

Depends on the module with the definition.

I prefer identifiers before the associated value, but that is just style.

No, we are talking about an extension to an existing syntax.

Some decoders ignore unknown elements after the end of normal elements.
I don't remember whether this was an asn1 feature of BER.

Adding new fields into an existing syntax should be done at the end IMO.

To verify the signature, see Cela vous permet de charger le certificat de l'autorité; die Liste mit zurückgerufenen Zertifikaten finden Sie da auch.

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