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MIME-Version or not?

2006-05-31 08:53:08


The energy sector in Sweden decided to use S/MIME for exchanging
EDIFACT-messages between different actors, where an EDIFACT-message is
encoded in an inner MIME-entity (RFC 1777). However, an interoperability
issue have turned up.

Some system developers have interpreted the RFC's as the 'MIME-Version'
should only be included in the outer MIME-entity and not in the inner
MIME-entity, while others have included 'MIME-Version' in both inner and
outer MIME-entity.

When I read section 3.1 of RFC 2311 (S/MIME v2) and RFC 3851 (S/MIME 3.1) I
would say that 'MIME-Version' should be included in both inner and outer
MIME-entity as they are unrelated.

Could someone please confirm which is the correct interpretation.


Joachim Abrahmsén
Security Consultant
Steria AB

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