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Meeting Minutes

2006-11-17 13:39:08

S/MIME IETF Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes

Chairperson Blake Ramsdell started the meeting with the traditional agenda
bashing.  No changes were made in the agenda for the meeting.

Blake then gave a status report on the the groups progress since the last
meeting.  The expectation is that working group last call will start on the
ESS certificate id and CMS multiple signature drafts as soon updates to the
documents are published.  This should be by the begining of next week.  The
RSA-KEM draft is still waiting for the X9.44 group to finish before it can
progress.  The caDES document has expired and is waiting for the ESS CertID
draft to finish.

The question was raised again by the chair about the issue of taking our
documents from their current RFC status up to Draft Standard status.  If
people actually want this to happen, please comment on the list.  The
current status is seen as sufficent by most implementers in the room and
there seems to be no real push to try and make things happen.

Finally Blake looked at the proposed updated milestones for the group.  The
proposed milestones where agreed to by the attendees without comment.  The
proposed milestones are:
        IBE - last call at first of year
        KEM - when X9.44 finishes

Jim Schaad then gave a more detailed status call on several documents before
the working group.  The first is an indirect issue, but is blocking the
symetric key distribution document.  The CMC document is currently being
re-edited to deal with issues from the AD review.  When this is complete it
will go to working group last call and AD review at the same time.  

One of the issues raised in the CMC review is the status of the id-data
content type.  The S/MIME working group essentially uses this as if it were
id-mime-data, but did not actually assign a new content type at the time the
S/MIME group was doing the V3 documents for backwards compatablity.  The
id-data type is acutally setup for unstructured data.  A proposal has been
made and is to be placed on the list about creating a new id-cct-blob and
re-defining id-data to be for mime.  Comments should go the the list.

The ESS CertID draft has been updated on the web site and should be ready
for last call.  The current issues raised on the list are not understood as
being issues and the author therefore recomments no changes.

The Multiple Signature Draft from Jim Schaad and Sean Turner is about half
finished.  They will publish the current state of the document in order to
get a first cut of feedback within the next two weeks.

Mark Schertler then presented the current state of the Identity Based
Encrypted drafts.  The CMS draft should be substantually complete and he
requests that people in the group read it.  The Acrichtecture draft is
almost complete, it still needs to get the XML registry finialized with IANA
and then both those documents should be ready for last call.  The final
draft is the math draft and is being progressed as an independent submission

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