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RE: RE: RE: Cross review of draft ERS from LTANS WG - RE: WG Las t Ca ll:draft-ietf-ltans-ers-09.txt- untilJan 23rd

2007-01-11 08:51:19
My response wasn't a reversal of the question but a request for details.
Folks on the list have previously discussed these specifications, including
their use within an EvidenceRecord.  You made a sweeping comment that lacked
any details and called for fairly drastic measures.  I simply asked for


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Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2007 9:46 AM
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Subject: Re: RE: RE: Cross review of draft ERS from LTANS WG - RE: WG Last
Ca ll:draft-ietf-ltans-ers-09.txt- untilJan 23rd

Please do not reverse the question. ISO 18014-3 already exists. The WG has
to justify why it would not fulfill its needs.
I will refine my question: Why is a profile of ISO 18014-3 not adequate to
fulfill the needs ?
A profile would make sense, since ISO 18014-3 has many options.

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