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AuthEnvelopedData Attributes

2007-01-22 16:03:09

Peter Gutmann and I have been discussion several aspects of the Internet-Draft. I'd like comments from everyone on one point that has come up.

Peter suggesting putting the attributes in a SEQUENCE instead of a SET.

>>   attributes SEQUENCE OF Attribute
>I wish we had done this in 1999.  I feel that we missed the opportunity.  It
>was not done at that time because people wanted to preserve backward
>compatibility.  The pressure to keep the current encoding will be even
>stronger today.

I can understand this for existing content-types, but since AuthEnvelopedData
is a new content type for which there's no backwards compatibility, it'd be an
quick and easy fix.

I wonder if people have put all of the attribute handling in a common library routine. If so, then making this change would be a real pain rather than a help. Please let me know.


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