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Re: Straw Poll: encoding of authenticated attributes in cms-auth-enveloped ID

2007-03-27 12:46:34
I'd like to add one point.  Please look at section 9 of RFC 3852.  The authenticated attributes in AuthenticatedData follow choice B).


At 01:34 PM 3/27/2007, Turner, Sean P. wrote:

At IETF 68, Russ Housley presented an summary of the Authenticated-Enveloped-Data content type (the slides can be found at ).  There was one open issue (the last slide) that dealt with the encoding of authenticated attributes.  It was discussed at the meeting; however, responses from a wider audience (i.e., this list) is necessary.  Please indicate your preference on whether:

A) The encoding of the authenticated attributes should be done exactly the same as in SignedData.

B) The encoding of the authenticated attributes should use the encoding that will be transmitted.

We are soliciting feed until 10 April 2007.