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Re: Late WG Last Call Comments: draft-ietf-smime-bfibecms-03.txt

2007-08-13 12:49:44

Draft -05 was just posted.

I was not able to review this document before WG Last Call ended. However, I do have some comments. Please treat them as late WG Last Call comment or early IETF Last Call comments.


1) Section 2 defines EmailIdentitySchema as a UTF8String.  The text says:

      E-mail addresses that contain non-ASCII
      characters MUST be encoded using punycode [RFC3492].

Therefore, the result of the encoding should always be ASCII. Why is an UTF8 String needed?

I understand that the authors are receiving conflicting advice from Jim Schaad and myself. I have sent email to Jim to try and understand his point of view, but Jim has not responded. The text was updated to use UTF8, without requiring punycode. I think this was the wrong way to resolve this one. I would prefer to retain the use of punycode and carry the email address in an IA5 string. The reason that I prefer this solution is that traditional character comparison routines can be used.

Since Jim is not engaging in the conversation, I would like to know what others think.

I wish others would speak up on this point. I think this is an important topic, and I expect the decision that we make here to set a precedent for other decisions. I'll start another thread in case this subject line is being ignored by people that might be interested in this topic.

2) There is a line-wrap problem in the ASN.1 module, which makes the indenting inconsistent:

        IBECMS-module { joint-iso-itu-t(2) country(16) us(840)
          identicrypt(114334) ibcs(1) cms(4) module(5) version(1)

The fix to this one introduced another error. Please insert the missing space:
s/organization(1)identicrypt(114334)/organization(1) identicrypt(114334)/

This problem has been fixed.

3) There are errors in the ASN.1. It does not compile! The following are corrected:

        IBERecipientInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
          cmsVersion         INTEGER { v3(3) },
          keyFetchMethod     OBJECT IDENTIFIER,
          recipientIdentity  IBEIdentityInfo,
          encryptedKey       EncryptedKey

      EncryptedKey ::= OCTET STRING

If you prefer, the EncryptedKey definition could be imported from CMS.

The EncryptedKey definition was added, but one of the problems in the IBERecipientInfo structure was not corrected. The "SIZE" key word is still missing, which causes the compile to fail.

The ASN.1 module now comples.  Thanks.


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