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Re: Vagueness re: case sensitivity of local-part in RFC2822.

2007-09-11 00:30:41

Blake Ramsdell <blake(_at_)sendmail(_dot_)com> writes:

 Should the local-part of an RFC2822 addr-spec be interpreted as 

I think "no", based on the citations above.

I came the same conclusion when I implemented S/MIME handling some time
ago.  local-part's may be case-sensitive, and implementations cannot and
should not assume otherwise in the general case.

I do empathize with you about the particular problem you have. I've
seen agents change Blake(_dot_)Ramsdell(_at_)example(_dot_)com to
BLAKE(_dot_)RAMSDELL(_at_)EXAMPLE(_dot_)COM on more than one occasion.

I think the safest reaction is to consider those agents buggy and fix


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