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Re: Key Sizes in S/MIME v3.2

2008-02-20 06:19:15

"Turner, Sean P." <turners(_at_)ieca(_dot_)com> writes:

I should have been clearer.

RFC 3850 current says (sec 4.3):

 Key sizes from 512 bits to 2048 bits MUST be supported. 

Suggesting it be replaced with:
 Key sizes from 1024 bits to 2048 bits MUST be supported. 

Here are the suggested changes RFC 3851 (sec 4.1):

 If an S/MIME agent needs to generate an RSA key pair,
 then the S/MIME agent or some related administrative
 utility or function SHOULD generate RSA key pairs
 using the following guidelines.  A user agent SHOULD
 generate RSA key pairs at a minimum key size of 1024
                                         was 768 ^^^^
 bits.  A user agent MUST NOT generate RSA key pairs
 less than 768 bits long. Creating keys longer than
           ^^^ was 512
 1024 bits can cause some older S/MIME receiving agents
 to not be able to verify signatures, but gives better
 security and is therefore valuable.  A receiving agent
 SHOULD be able to verify signatures with keys of any
 size over 768 bits. Some agents created in the United
           ^^^ was 512

I agree with your proposed change except for the last one -- is there
any motivation to drop the SHOULD regarding verification of signatures
done with 512 bit keys?  I don't think there is one.  Alerting the user
that the key is insecure, or other user interface considerations, is
orthogonal to the actual verification.


 States have chosen to create 512 bit keys in order to
 get more advantageous export licenses.  However, 512
 bit keys are considered by many to be cryptographically
 insecure. Implementers SHOULD be aware that multiple
 (active) key pairs can be associated with a single
 individual.  For example, one key pair can be used
 to support confidentiality, while a different key pair
 can be used for authentication. 



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At 11:34 AM -0500 2/19/08, Turner, Sean P. wrote:
 >From the mail discussion we had in December, it's pretty 
clear to me 
that key sizes from 1024-2048 ought to be the MUST and other 
key sizes are MAY.
I'm suggesting the following text:

Key sizes from 1024 bits to 2048 buts MUST be supported. Keys sizes 
larger than 2048 MAY be supported.


Should we put a MUST NOT or SHOULD NOT in for key sizes 
smaller than 1024?

MUST NOT or SHOULD NOT *what*? Generate, or validate?

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