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Re: 3850bis and 3851bis: proposed changes to cryptographic key sizes

2009-01-05 17:19:04

At 4:24 PM -0500 1/5/09, Tim Polk wrote:
I have had some private discussions with one of the authors (Sean), and we 
have collaborated on some language that would reflect that discussion. 
However, I understand that this was a sensitive and somewhat controversial 
topic on the working group list.  I would like the working group to review the 
proposed RFC Editor Notes for 3850bis and 3851bis, and confirm that these 
changes are acceptable given the feedback received from the wider Internet 
community.  That is, please consider whether the proposed new text addresses 
the working group's concerns given that the minimum strength of the mandatory 
to implements need to be raised.

The new ranges and new text work for me.

What does *not* work for me is this being done as an RFC Editor note. It should 
be done instead as a new draft before IESG consideration so the whole IETF 
community can see the changes. The IETF is supposed to be working on 
transparency, and keeping these out of the Internet Draft hurts that effort.