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2009-01-15 01:30:01

IETF Chair Russ Housley has asked WG chairs to apprise their WGs of the following information.

If you've been following the IETF mailing list, you may be aware of the ongoing discussion about the impact of RFC 5378 on revised draft submissions. Briefly, RFC 5378 requires Contributors to grant a more expansive set of rights than were granted by RFC 3978, and 4748. If you are submitting a document which contains text contributed by others prior to the publication of RFC 5378 you may need to obtain additional rights from the copyright holders of that text in order to contribute under the 5378 terms.

The IESG and the IETF Trustees are working to resolve those issues
However, at present I would advise care prior to submitting any draft which contains material derived from an RFC, draft, or mailing list message published prior to November 10, 2008.

Please take any general discussion of RFC 5378 to ietf(_at_)ietf(_dot_)org

[As WG Chair]

PS I copied most of ekr's message.

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