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CMS Questionnaire

2009-01-26 16:02:01
Russ and Tim have challenged me to try to advance CMS to Draft Standard using the process in BCP 97 to deal with the dependencies that have not yet advanced (or aren't advancing). To that end, I've drawn up the following questionnaire that I'd like implementers to complete and return to me. What we're shooting for is to find two implementations that generate messages for each feature, and two implementations that process each feature. We don't think it should matter if the same two implementations are used in both stages.

Thanks in advance,

Please list the product and version number (if applicable) covered by this 

What evidence do you have that you can interop with other implementations?
Have you worked through the examples draft?

Which of the following content types did you implement:
- ContentInfo,
- id-data,
- id-signed-data,
- id-enveloped-data?

For those that implemented SignedData:
- which version(s): v1, v3, v4, v5?
- without Certificates & CRLs?
- with Certificates?
- with CRL?
- with embedded content?
- with detached content?
- SignerInfo without signed attributes?
- SignerInfo with signed attributes: id-messageDigest, id-contentType, 
id-signingTime, id-counterSignature?
- SignerInfo with unsigned attributes?
- SignerInfo with SKI, issuer/serialnumber, or both?

For those that implemented EnvelopedData:
- which version(s): v0, v2, v3, v4?
- with unprotected attributes?
- which RecipientInfo: ktri, kari, kekri, pwri, ori?
- for ktri, which identifier issuer/serial, SKI, or both?
- for kari, which identifier issuer/serial, SKI, or both?
- for kari, was ukm supported?
- for kekri, is date, other or both supported in KEKIdentifier?

For those that implemented both SignedData and EnvelopedData:
- Can you support receiving a triple wrapped message: An id-signedData 
encapsulated in an id-envelopedData encapsulated in id-envelopedData?

Bonus questions, which are not going to be included in the CMS interop report:
- For SignedData, do you support the multisig ID?
- For AuthenticatedData, do you support DigestedData, CompressedData, 
EncryptedData, and/or AuthEnvelopedData?
- For SignedData what do you do when you encounter an attribute that you don't 
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