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Re: Second Last Call: rfc3852 (Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)) to Draft Standard

2009-04-27 12:16:43
The IESG wrote:

The IESG has received a request from the smime WG (smime) to consider the following document:

- 'Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) '
 RFC 3852 as a Draft Standard

No technical issues were raised during the first Last Call.  However, the
Last Call failed to highlight two normative references to standards track
documents of lower maturity:  RFCs 3280 and 3281.
Speaking as a member of the IETF community I find the question confusing, considering that both documents were obsoleted (or just about to be obsoleted in case of RFC 3281). Shouldn't this be RFC 5280 and draft-ietf-pkix-3281update-04.txt?

This abbreviated Last Call is focused solely on whether downrefs to these
Proposed Standards are appropriate in the context of RFC 3852.

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