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[smime] CommitmentRules Question

2009-09-23 23:37:21

I have some questions about the RFC 3125 and I couldn't find a place to post 
them. Is there a list for developers?

If someone in the list could help me with them, I would appreciate. Thanks in 

* If I have a signature without "Commitment Type Indication" attribute, should 
I apply a rule from
  CommitmentRules that has "Empty" as SelectedCommitmentType or should I 
completely ignore the CommitmentRules?

* In the Algorithm Constraint Set Field, it is said that it should be
applied to the algorithms 
  used during the process. If I have a policywith Algorithm Constraints Set 
which field should I apply to the
signature and digest 
  algorithm? The Signer Algorithm Constraints?

* Must trustpoints be selfsigned certificates or can they be CA certificates?


David Reis Jr

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