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[smime] draft-turner-asymmetrickeyformat

2009-11-13 11:40:22

RFC 5208 has been published as an Informational RFC with the intent
to transfer change control for PKCS #8 to the IETF and subsequently
bring it to the Standards Track.

draft-turner-asymmetrickeyformat, in the current -02 version
aims at Standards Track and Updating RFC 5208, while keeping
that RFC as a Normative Reference.

That does not seem to be a viable option.

Given that, stripped off boilerplate text, authors' information,
and References, the whole prose text of RFC 5208 amounts to only
roughly four (4) pages, whereas the draft already exceeds that
volume by a factor of two, I strongly suggest to re-write the draft
as a full replacement for RFC 5208, thereby bringing it onto the
Standards Track, as 'promised' by the IESG Note in RFC 5208.

Kind regards,
  Alfred Hönes.


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