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Re: [smime] Double base64 encoding unavoidable in enveloped messages?

2010-06-11 12:43:22
On 2010-06-09 23:52 PDT, Peter Gutmann wrote:
"Jim Schaad" <ietf(_at_)augustcellars(_dot_)com> writes:

There are several things that you can look at.

1.  Emit and look for the binary smime capability.  This will allow you
to not do the inner base 64 encoding step which is the most likely to
save you one wrapping.  I have not been looking at active smime
messages recently, but most current clients should be doing this.

Also, hasn't support for binary data been a MUST for many years now?  I 
remember this from some time ago... I haven't done a full archaeological 
investigation but RFC 3851 from 2004 already says (section 3.1.2):

   S/MIME implementations MUST be able to deal with binary MIME objects.

(followed by text on not using base64).

Thanks, Jim & Peter.  This gives me what I need.
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