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[smime] New ID of possible interest

2011-04-21 09:09:30
I would like to inform the SMIME working group of a newly-submitted
Internet Draft that may be of interest:

 The With-MAC key-wrapping algorithm for Cryptographic Message Syntax



   This document describes a new key-wrapping algorithm to be used in
   the EnvelopedData, AuthenticatedData and AuthEnvelopedData structures
   of the Cryptographic Message Syntax.  Because these structures do not
   provide data-origin authentication, a recipient cannot
   cryptographically verify that the plaintext received was the
   plaintext encapsulated by the message's original sender.  The With-
   MAC key-wrapping algorithm allows an EncryptedKey value to hold both
   a wrapped symmetric key and a MAC value on the data to be
   authenticated.  When used in EnvelopedData, AuthenticatedData and
   AuthEnvelopedData structures, therefore, these structures can achieve
   data-origin authentication (in some circumstances) using only
   symmetric-key algorithms.

A side note: this draft should probably be read in combination with our 
previous draft on static-static ECDH 
( That draft 
described how a sender might use a certified ECDH key to create an 
EnvelopedData structure (for example). It is unclear, however, how such a 
sender could also provide data-origin authentication without using digital 
signatures. However, that requires a certified signature-capable key, something 
they may not have. This draft provides an alternate approach-- the sender 
provides a MAC value for each recipient.

We welcome all comments and reviews.

Thank you.

Jonathan Herzog                                                 voice:  (781) 
Technical Staff                                                 fax:    (781) 
Cyber Systems and Technology Group              email:  
MIT Lincoln Laboratory                                  www:
244 Wood Street    
Lexington, MA 02420-9185

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