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[smime] Fwd: [Spasm] side meeting at IETF95 on possible PKIX/SMIME work (and new spasm list)

2016-04-15 09:17:45

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Subject: [Spasm] side meeting at IETF95 on possible PKIX/SMIME work (and
new spasm list)
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2016 15:16:00 +0100
From: Stephen Farrell <stephen(_dot_)farrell(_at_)cs(_dot_)tcd(_dot_)ie>
To: spasm(_at_)ietf(_dot_)org


About 10 of us who were at IETF95 had a side meeting to continue
the recent discussion about potential work items that would have
been handled in the PKIX and SMIME working groups before those
closed. A number of such work items in this space have recently
been proposed on the PKIX and SMIME mailing lists.

In the discussion we concluded that it might be a good plan to
try charter a WG to (initially) handle a small number of these
tasks. We also recognised that there is a bit of a history in
this space of people proposing work that doesn't end up being
implemented and deployed (and I'm as guilty of that as anyone;-)
so we wanted to not do that this time around.

To that end I said that I'd be happy to help with seeing if we
have consensus to charter a working group to tackle a smallish
list of specific work items where:

- the proposal is sane
- we're pretty confident the proposal will be implemented in a
  real way (not a toy, but doesn't have to be on every phone)
- to the extent we can, we think there's a good chance that the
  proposal will be deployed
- each proposal has an I-D already published that is called out
  in the charter as the starting point for the work

If we start that WG and if it turns out to do good work well and
in a timely fashion then I'd guess that it could be re-chartered
to add additional items that meet the above criteria.

We also figured that a new list (spasm [1]) would be a better way
to handle this as it crosses two previous lists (which will
remain open) with much broader topics.

Russ Housley, Stefan Santesson and Wei Chuang have agreed to try
to craft charter text for that so they'll send that to the spasm
list [1] in a few days once folks have had a chance to sign up.
So please hold off discussion of this for a few days and then
continue the discussion on the spasm list.



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