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[smime] [Errata Verified] RFC5408 (5838)

2019-08-18 22:59:49
The following errata report has been verified for RFC5408,
"Identity-Based Encryption Architecture and Supporting Data Structures". 

You may review the report below and at:

Status: Verified
Type: Technical

Reported by: Russ Housley <housley(_at_)vigilsec(_dot_)com>
Date Reported: 2019-08-18
Verified by: Benjamin Kaduk (IESG)

Section: 6

Original Text
   IBEPublicParameters ::= SEQUENCE (1..MAX) OF

Corrected Text
   IBEPublicParameters ::= SEQUENCE SIZE (1..MAX) OF

Need to add "SIZE" for the ASN.1 module to compile properly.

RFC5408 (draft-ietf-smime-ibearch-09)
Title               : Identity-Based Encryption Architecture and Supporting 
Data Structures
Publication Date    : January 2009
Author(s)           : G. Appenzeller, L. Martin, M. Schertler
Category            : INFORMATIONAL
Source              : S/MIME Mail Security
Area                : Security
Stream              : IETF
Verifying Party     : IESG

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