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MailConnect 2 interoperability event

1997-02-21 20:26:37

        The Internet Mail Consortium is now trying to finalize details for
MailConnect 2, an engineering interoperability event for Internet mail
software developers.  This past summer's MailConnect 1 tested IMAP4 and

        MailConnect 2 is intended for ESMTP and more IMAP4 testing.

        In previous queries, the end of March appeared to be the best
choice for bringing developers together.  I would like to get some quick
feedback about preferred dates, from folks who are likely to attend.


        The event will be in the same venue as before, the San Jose, CA
Hilton.  They now have a T1 connection to the net.  We'll be providing
snacks and drinks  and, will provide lunch this time.

        We are investigating reduced room rates at the Hilton.  Let me know
if you would be likely to stay there:

                                        Yes ____        No ____


        Please indicate ALL of the following that are feasible for you:

                March   18/19 - T/W     ____
                        19/20 - W/Th    ____
                        21/22 - Th/F    ____

                March   25/26 - T/W     ____
                        27/28 - W/Th    ____
                        28/29 - Th/F    ____

                April     1/2 - T/W     ____
                          2/3 - W/Th    ____
                          (no 3/4, to avoid the Friday before IETF)

        If a later date is very strongly preferred, please let me know.  If
a later date is very strongly NOT preferred, also let me know.


     Early Registration:  $1500 for IMC members; $2000 for non-members
     Late Registration:   $2000 for IMC members; $2500 for non-members


Dave Crocker, Director                                       +1 408 246 8253
Internet Mail Consortium                                 (f) +1 408 249 6205
127 Segre Place                                             
Santa Cruz, CA  95060 USA                  info(_at_)imc(_dot_)org ,

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