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Re: Proposed change for RFC0974

1998-11-06 04:14:39
On 6 Nov 1998 00:27:50 -0000
"D. J. Bernstein" <djb(_at_)cr(_dot_)yp(_dot_)to> scribbled:

Forgive the question, but whats the difference between an IP that is down 
because of lets say Scheduled Network-Maintenance _and_ an offline host ?
Perhaps I am wrong but to all intents they appear the same, yes ?

yours faithfully, Norman Widders

Albert Louw writes:
Although it's very easy to say that a 'off-line' mailhost should
have an MX record,

Indeed. It's rude to put an IP address into a global DNS record if
address isn't globally reachable. You're wasting valuable client
that could have been used for successful deliveries to other hosts.

Most MTAs, under most circumstances, will try at least two MX
but if you're relying on this then you should fix your
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