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Re: DSN requests via headers?

2000-12-14 16:56:36
At 18:20 14/12/2000 -0500, Mark Wickens wrote:

I am interested in opinions on the feasibility of transmitting DSN requests
by means of message headers rather than SMTP (as RFC 1891 describes).

This was debated extensively at the time the documents were written, and the conclusion at the time was that the layering violation of using headers for this was just too distasteful for serious consideration.

benefit of using headers would be that they pass through non-supporting
MTAs, while the SMTP method is thwarted upon encountering an MTA that knows
nothing about the DSN extension.

this is a feature, not a bug. See the description of RELAYED.
(Microsoft Exchange 5.5 found the only way to make this feature non-useful. However, Exchange 2000 can apparently be configured for correct DSN generation. Life is not without hope.)

I realize that only a subset of the request functionality described in RFC
1891 may be possible. The first thing that comes to mind is that headers
would not provide an easy way to do per-address requests.

Is this an idea worth pursuing or one doomed to failure?

The functionality of MDNs (RFC 2298) is probably worth looking at.
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