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Re: SMTP Service Extension for Priority

2001-06-25 10:37:10

Appreciate any comments,

Basically I think a mechanism such as this is useless w/o requiring 
authentication of the sender (which could be done by SMTP AUTH) and 
verification of the sender's privilege to set that priority.  
And that only works for the first hop.  I think we would also need some 
sort of model for determining priority of messages on subsequent hops - 
based on either the sender's authenticated identity or on the identity 
of the MTA that relayed the message.

Also, there is a potential problem with the negotiation - the fact
that an SMTP server asserts that it supports the priority extension
does not imply that the client/sender has the right credentials to 
request priority handling from that server.  If the client doesn't
have the right credentials, the worst that the servers should do is
to assign a priority equal to that of a message that does not assert
a priority.  So a message should not be refused or delayed relative
to an unprioritized message simply because the client attempted to 
assert a priority.

The draft doesn't say anything about what happens to priority when 
a message is relayed.  I guess that the priority should also be
relayed (if possible) but the draft should say so explicity.