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Re: CRAM - MD5

2001-06-26 00:35:07


For example: I am using Eudora as an email client & gave pop server name
for getting mails, smtp server name for sending mails. For example pop
is, If set an option like "use
authentication mechanisam while logging." assume that client(eudora) &
server (
supports that authentication mechanisam.
1. then How can server & client maintain shared secret?
2. Is it some constat string understood by client & server ?
3. if somebody implements new email client which supports those
    auth mechanisams, How it will know the shared secret? how it will
connect to that server?

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Ref: CRAM-MD5, challenge reply authentication mechanisam RFC


1. How client & server maintain shared secret?

Any way they like.  This is deliberately not specified in the


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