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Re: Last Call: SMTP Service Extension for Secure SMTP over TLS to Proposed Standard

2001-07-27 14:32:38

The successor of RFC 2487 with those backwards-compatibility-compatibility
requirements will actually be easier to implement than RFC 2487. Here's
some RFC 2487 fun:

   After receiving a 220 response to a STARTTLS command, the client
   SHOULD start the TLS negotiation before giving any other SMTP

I.e., when the server expects a Client Hello message (in whatever
format), it may receive an SMTP command in plain ASCII instead if the
client has decided that it does not want to use TLS after all.

because it's only a SHOULD and not a MUST.
I agree, that's a bug in the spec.

I also agree that this is a bug and it needs to be changed.


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