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Fwd: Regarding rfc2821

2002-02-22 08:44:41

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Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 00:54:07 +0000
From: Olafur Osvaldsson <oli(_at_)isnic(_dot_)is>
To: ietf-822(_at_)imc(_dot_)org
Subject: Regarding rfc2821
Sender: owner-ietf-822(_at_)mail(_dot_)imc(_dot_)org
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This is my second and last attempt to send this question to this mailing list,
this I do only because my last one went unanswered.

I found this list address in the last drums archive.

I have been unable to contact the editor of RFC 2821 so I ask you this.
I'm not on the list so please send Cc of any replies to me.

I was going through this rfc and found several references wich point to
section 2.4.1 but this section does not exist.
Can you tell me if this section was left out and why, or if it was forgotten
and then I need to know how this can be corrected.

My understanding is that this section covers the fact that servers should not
edit the body of emails, but I may be wrong.

Olafur Osvaldsson
Systems Administrator
Internet a Islandi hf.
Tel:   +354 525-5291
Email: oli(_at_)isnic(_dot_)is

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