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2002-08-16 12:22:56

[I recently posted the following query in ietf-822. I should have posted it here as well. - Tony]

2821/2822 are "Proposed Standards" and have been out for 1.5 years now. What will it take to move them forward to Draft Standard? We've had considerably longer than 1.5 years to get operational experience with them, and I KNOW that there are lots of interoperational instances of each.

    Tony Hansen

P.S. If 2821 and 2822 need to be reissued, it might also be nice if they could be done in time to get the numbers 3821 and 3822. My estimate is that those numbers will be reached in about 23 months. That should give us enough time to work on them, if we started now. :-)

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