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Introduction and query

2003-02-09 21:21:26
Dear ietf-smtp members, 

My name is Adonis El Fakih. I have been working on a new mail delivery
process to be used as a replacement for the process specified in SMTP
documents. The document is a result of many months of design and
development of a mail delivery process that is able to withstand current
and future trends of mail abuse. The design includes a modular design
that allows future designs to be integrated into the mail delivery

I have submitted an Internet draft to ietf
discussing the protocol along with its pros and cons. I also outlined an
implementation guideline to enable developers to implement the protocol
ASAP . I was also able to develop a demo implementation and tested it
and the basic delivery system seems to work as described in the

I would like to start a dialogue with people interested in a solution to
the problems associated with spam, and not just a band-aid as it is
proposed today by many implementations out there. I do not want to shoot
down SMTP, since AMDP relies on SMTP style mail messages, the major
difference between the two protocols is the order by which mail is

Again I am open to all comments, and if this is NOT the proper channel
for this discussion, please excuse me and do recommend the proper
channel for doing so. 

Best regards, 

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