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seeking discussion on network protocols and property rights

2004-04-19 06:33:24

I would like to enter into a discussion which seeks to find free market solutions to the present problems of Internet lawlessness, problems such as spam, viruses, and abuse of intellectual property.

I write to ask if anyone on this list can point me to such a discussion, forum, or blog. I am considering starting a blog for this purpose, but first I want to know what already exists.

The discussion I seek will be roughly the overlap of the following subjects:
 - network protocols
 - economics, and specifically transactions costs
 - free market business plans (i.e. NOT intervention by the state)
 - property rights
 - spontaneous order

The purpose of this list (ietf-smtp(_at_)imc(_dot_)org) relates somewhat to what I am seeking. But there are differences. I believe it would be inappropriate to start an extended discussion of my topic on this list. I ask mainly if anybody can point me to existing discussions which relate more closely to the topic I outline.

Thank you,
Richard O. Hammer (Rich)

my present project: <>
resume: <>

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