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2004-07-16 03:21:08


I'm planning to file a draft for the following :

I believe that there is no mechanism by which a mail client can specify the mail server to send a mail after a specific period.

When we send mails, there may/can be a requirement like the mail processing should start after a time frame.


    Send this mail after 30 mins

    MAIL FROM: mganesh(_at_)india(_dot_)hp(_dot_)com AFTER 30

There is a DELIVERBY rfc2852 which sets the expiry of the mail. Simillarly my draft is planning to set up a starting time.

I think this extension would benefit diskless clients and web based email clients and allows the mail server provider an easy interface to provide
such a feature.

Any thoughts please ?

           Madan Ganesh Velayudham  +91 80 2205 3108
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